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Don't let the surge in Treasury yields steer you from buying stocks, said Warren Meyers of Walter J. Dowd and Steve Massocca of Wedbush Morgan Securities.

“As [Treasury] rates go up in bonds, there will be pressure to take money out from the equity markets,” Meyers told CNBC at the Morningstar Investment Conference in Chicago.

“Futures are up today because there’s a divergence of opinions — it’s creating volatility but day-to-day volatility, not intraday volatility.”

Massocca said although it’s not the best time to be buying Treasurys, the increased rates will not have an impact on stocks.

“There’re still a lot of good stocks out there,” said Massocca. “It’s a good place to be in this market.”




Health Care

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“It’s still tough to know,” he said, warning investors to be selective about companies in the sectors above. “You’ve got to be very careful and nimble in this market.”



“I would go to financials if I really have confidence that the balance sheets are in shape,” he said. “There’s a ton of stocks that yield an excess of 5 to 10 percent right now.”


No immediate information was available for Massocca or Meyers.


Top Financials:

JPMorgan Chase

Goldman Sachs

Morgan Stanley