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Friday Stock Trades: Utilities, Agriculture & More…


Ken Croft, CIO and portfolio manager of Croft Value Fund, and Alan Valdes, vice president of Hillard Lyons, told CNBC how investors can prepare their portfolios for the week ahead.


The Friday Trade

Croft Likes:

Monsanto —“It’s the leading franchise in agricultural products that help farmers produce more on their existing land and this is very important to feed the world for the future and you’re getting a steep discount to where it’s been trading in the past,” said Croft.

Plum Creek Timber —“Timber’s been hit hard recently…but as they’re not cutting as much, their assets continue to grow and get more valuable,” he said.

Valdes Likes:

California Water —“Strong stock and their quarter was excellent,” said Valdes. “And they benefit from the stimulus package.”

Northwest Natural Gas


No immediate information was available for Croft or Valdes.