By the Numbers

28 Dow Components Lose Weight

With the exit of Citigroup and GM from the Dow , new comers Cisco and Travelers bring some heft back into the index. 

As of Monday's close, the price weighted index is taking out $4.44 (combined price of Citi and GM) and adding in $61.41 (CSCO + TRV).  With the two lowest priced stocks out, all the other components will lose some weight.  Here's how this change will impact the weight of the remaining 28 stocks of the Dow.  With a price over $108 / share, IBM will lose the most weight.

Effective Weights of the Current / New DJIA (As of 6/1 Close)

CSCO closed at a high of 80.06 on 3/27/2000.  If it were priced that way today it would represent about 7% of the weight of the Dow. 

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