By the Numbers

Best S&P 500 Sectors in '09

As the markets continue to steam ahead, with the S&P 500 soaring nearly 33% since its lowest close this year, investors looking for opportunities might want to take a peek at the leading sectors in 2009. 

Since our post in early May, the S&P Energy sector has moved into positive territory in 2009, bringing the count of S&P sectors trading up for the year to four.  Of those sectors, Materials hold the number one spot to the upside, followed by Information Technology, Consumer Discretionary, and Energy.

The S&P 500 joined the NASDAQ Composite index into the black for the year, with both major indices trading up 4.59% and 16.47% respectively. The Dow briefly pulled into positive YTD returns but fell back and continues to trade in negative territory, with a loss of about 0.40%, as of yesterday's close.

The following tables depict the top 10 biggest percent gainers within the three major S&P sectors that are positive in 2009.