Funny Business with Jane Wells

For The Man Who "Had" Everything


With Father's Day approaching, there's a new website about to launch which sells gifts not for the man who has everything, but who HAD everything. It's called I Used To Be, and it plans to sell T-shirts, mugs, even golf balls bearing the slogan, "I used to be rich" along with a cartoon of a frazzled man whose emtpy pockets are turned out.

That'll make Dad smile!

Of course, if you try to buy anything today you may encounter "sold out" signs. They don't officially open for business until Friday.

Prices will range from $10 to $25 ("less than the price of a tie!"). And, honestly, what does the Dad who had everything - including a job - need with a tie now?

The business even boasts the now-ubiquitous charitable contribution with every purchase. A portion of profits will go to The Bronx Charter School for Better Learning. Let's hope the kids there learn how to stay rich and not invest with people who guarantee dougle digit returns year in and year out.

I Used To Be strives for a "We're all in this together so let's laugh a little" tone. Once all systems are "go" on Friday, the website will provide space for people to talk about the riches they used to have, while hoping for a return to the good life, all under the banner, "Power to the People...who had it all."

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