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Two Views on What to Buy Now


Managing directors Jim Awad of Zephyr Management and Phil Dow of RBC Wealth Management shared the best places for investors to put their money. (See their investor recommendations, below.)

The Best Place Now for Your Money

“There are some attractive corporate yields now for long-term investors,” Dow told CNBC. “But the true opportunities are in quality companies, multi-national U.S. companies that have quality financials and the ability to grow dividend.”

But Awad said the market has come too far too fast and is in need for a “reality check” as to what the shape of the recovery will be.

He sees another wave of foreclosures coming, so recovery could be tepid.

Despite differing outlooks, Awad and Dow each had recommendations for investors.


Dow Likes:

- Quality Corporate Bonds

- Vanguard Dividend Appreciation ETF—“Its dividend can grow in a rapid rate and you have a chance of doubling your income every five years,” he said.

Awad Likes:

- Asia—Especially China and India

- Technology

- Infrastructure


Dow said he owns shares of VIG. No immediate information was available for Awad.


Top Technology Stocks: