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Where to Invest in China: Strategists


David Lutz, managing director at Stiefel Nicolaus, and Charles Campbell, senior sales trader at Miller Tabak, shared their advice on where to invest in China.


Campbell Likes:

Tianjin Development Company—“It’s one of the largest ports in Hong Kong and had the greatest cargo shipment last year, up almost 20 percent over the prior year — 400 cargo lines travel in and out of it,” Campbell told CNBC.

Lutz Likes:

Hexel —Chinese officials recently announced investing more than $14 billion to more than double China's wind power capacity by 2010. “They just opened a new plant in China, which is going to give them 20 percent growth in the wind segment, and they’re opening a new plant in Colorado,” he said.


Lutz does not own any shares of Hexel. No immediate information was available for Campbell or his firm.


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