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Betting on an African ETF & Palm’s New Pre


David Lutz, managing director at Stiefel Nicolaus Capital Markets, and Peter Kenny, managing director at Knight Equities, weighed in on the best places to invest now.


Kenny Likes:

Market Vectors Africa ETF —“This is an ETF that comprises 53 of the largest companies who drive a majority of their revenue stream from the continent of Africa,” Kenny told CNBC. “It’s the fastest growing continent in terms of continent, the richest in terms of resources, and it is a continent that cannot be ignored.”

Lutz Likes:

Palm —“They're coming out with their new Pre this weekend and it’s coming with much hype,” said Lutz. Apple’s iPhone is going to be its major competition.

  • Palm Pre Is An Elegant Contender

The following are two stocks that will likely benefit from Pre’s debut.




Lutz’s firm Stiefel Nicolaus has or may seek an investment banking relationship with either Palm or RadioShack. No immediate information was available for Kenny or his firm.