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Market Tips: The Places to Be Now

Global stocks and oil futures rose in tandem Thursday on hopes of an economic recovery. Experts tell CNBC emerging markets and commodities stocks are key places to invest.

EMs & Commodities Are the Place to Be

Emerging markets and commodities are the place to make money in the long term, says Karl Eggerss, chief trader at

Oil Dependent on Investment Activity

The price of oil is dependent on the level of investment activity, notes Shailaja Nair, Asia managing editor at Platts.

$80 Oil Will Not Hurt Recovery

Jonathan Kornafel, Asia director at Hudson Capital, expects oil to hit $80 by end-2009 as Chinese demand will increase if the economy improves. But he says oil at that level is not high and will not derail any meaningful recovery.

No Shortage in Oil Supplies

Azlin Ahmad, editor for crude oil at Argus Media, says oil at $75 will be hard to sustain until supply eases and U.S. demand recovers. She tells CNBC that OPEC members' output is increasing with prices on the rise.

Will Pullback in Oil Derail Equity Rally?

A pullback in oil prices would not derail the equity rally, believes John DiPlacido, oil trader & president of Energex.

Resource Sector In Need of a Pullback

Chris Kimber, senior adviser at Bell Potter says the resource sector is in need of a pullback, especially after such a massive rally.