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Mad Mail: More Shameful CEOs?


Earlier this week Cramer asked viewers to send suggestions for new CEOs to grace his Wall of Shame. The e-mails have flooded in. Here are just a couple that caught Cramer’s attention.

Mad Mail

Jim: Thanks again for all that you do. My candidate for the Wall of Shame is Richard Fairbanks, the CEO of Capital One, for apparently believing that it's a good business strategy to raise interest rates on his customers that have held his company's cards for ten years, don't abuse their credit, and pay their bills on time. --Pat

Cramer says: “I know Richard. I think that Capital One is in a business that’s very challenged right now. And I actually think he’s doing a pretty good job given how challenged it is. But I will certainly take Pat’s concern under consideration because she’s talking about a betrayal of customers. I’m talking about a man who runs a pretty good credit-card company.”


Hey Jim: Without a doubt John Donahoe, the CEO of eBay, should be on the Wall of Shame. Spend 15 minutes reading the discussion forums on just about any e-commerce oriented Web site and you will see a very high level of dissatisfaction with eBay and Mr. Donahoe in particular. --Richard

Cramer says: “That company has a lot of assets. So I would be reluctant to put him on because there’s always a possibility to break up the company or sell it. Don’t forget – Meg Whitman did not do a good job as CEO. Not excusing Donahoe, but I’m also trying to give you the lay of the land.”

Jim: I understand the need for alternative power, but what are the negatives of wind energy, specifically offshore wind farms on the East Coast? Help me understand the bad mojo blowing in the wind, skeedaddy! --Tommy

Cramer says: “There are many, many constituents and jurisdictions involved with putting something off the [coast]. Now I know my friend John Corzine, the governor of New Jersey, is trying to get windmills, but if you take a look [at] what happened off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, when they tried to put up windmills. They make a lot of noise. People aren’t that happy with them. I guess what I’m saying is, this is a power that is best put where nobody is and nobody can hear them and…no one can see them.”

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