Two-Way Street

Click on Content, or Conference?


A little while ago the TV folks sent a crew to an investor conference and talked to a fair number of money gurus. As we do here on the site, we took in all the video and posted them throughout the site, depending on the subject. We also wrote up a few of the more noteworthy comments into short stories.

One of my TV colleagues was miffed: Why didn't we group all the interviews together on one conference-themed page?

Sometimes that makes sense. It works for a big, well-known confab ... Davos, for example. Or a conference with a definite theme, like gaming. But sometimes it doesn't. In this case, the material from the conference touched several different subjects. It seemed better to put the material in topical sections of the Web site.

Could the material have been organized both ways? Yes, but resources would have to be dedicated to building the page ... resources that could have been better spent elsewhere.

We didn't go with the conference page. And I think we made the right choice, since nobody used the conference as a search term to get to the site. Still, it points up all the different ways you can package up information on the Web. And, given all the conferences that float in and out of the business news scene, I wonder if there can ever be a hard and fast rule about it.