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Cramer: 10 Reasons Why Doubters Should Shut Up

Shut up.

From now on that will be Cramer’s answer to anyone pondering the question, is the Nasdaq enjoying a bull-market move or is this just a rally in an otherwise grizzly bearish environment?

Look at the numbers: The Naz is up 17% year-to-date. That’s the second best six-month start in 10 years, behind 2003’s 23.5% jump, which came just as many people thought the Iraq War was “ending.” The average Nasdaq gain over the past decade from Jan. 1 to June 6? 0.15%.

Consider the following 10 Naz components as an indication of how the index is doing:

Apple : Up 69% so far this year. Today’s iPhone announcements – the price cut on the older model and new features for the latest iteration – show this stock’s growth is very much for real, Cramer said.

Google : Up 43% so far. The Internet, where Google is the dominant player, is taking over as the place to advertise, elbowing out print. This longer-term trend is just one reason why many analysts are expecting a great next quarter. : Up 68%. As soon as gas prices hit $4, consumers decided that online shopping was the better option. Hence, the solid quarterly numbers. Amazon took share, Cramer said, and never looked back.

Research in Motion : Up a whopping 102% in 2009, thanks to new products and good sales. Investors might have missed at least part of this run because of a 2008 earnings miss, Cramer said, but they jumped back in last quarter, which was better than expected. : Cramer called BIDU the most legitimate Chinese play in the Nasdaq, and that country’s on fire right now. No wonder the stock is up 133% this year.

Cisco Systems : Up 22%. The never-soft-spoken CEO John Chambers declared that business had bottomed, and the stock took off.

Adobe Systems : Talk about brand equity. People know and love Adobe’s products, and that probably played a role in the stock’s 37% jump, something that was long-awaited after the beating ADBE took.

Express Scripts : Health care may be hated, thanks to President Obama’s overhaul plans, but Express Scripts is not. Wall Street seems to favor this cost cutter, which accounts for the stock’s 17% gain year-to-date.

Joy Global : Chinese demand for minerals is driving this mining-equipment maker. The US can play catch-up all it wants. Joy Global doesn’t need American business to thrive – the stock’s up 74% this year.

Sure, you could focus on Oracle , adding a “mere” 18% this year, Microsoft a “disappointing” 13% and Intel a “measly” 8%. But ignoring these other – huge – moves would be a mistake. Cramer thinks this could be one of the strongest bull markets ever.

So again, if you’re wondering if this is just a mini-rally smack in the middle of a bear market – shut up.

Cramer’s charitable trust owns Cisco Systems and Qualcomm.

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