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Cramer: Mulally's Focus Gives Ford Edge?


Ford has a “good chance” of emerging from this downturn stronger, Cramer said during Monday’s Stop Trading!, no doubt thanks to Alan Mulally’s stewardship.

CEO Mulally, known for his turnaround of Boeing , may be up against two Washington subsidized companies in General Motors and Chrysler, but Ford is “better run,” Cramer said. If this year’s car build stays close to 10 million, which GM’s management said was its break-even point, “I think Ford will actually do pretty well.”

Stop Trading, Listen to Cramer!

“I like Ford’s chances here,” Cramer said.

Speaking of Boeing, Cramer expects some good news from the company over the next 10 days. Between the much-anticipated release of the 787 Dreamliner and the Paris Air Show on June 15, the stock holds a number of catalysts to propel it higher. Cramer called BA a “great opportunity” and recommended buying it ahead of Paris.

Cramer named SLM Corp. his speculative stock of 2009. President Obama may want to revamp the school-loan business, but he isn’t expected to change the servicing or debt collection that goes along with it. SLM excels at both these jobs, Cramer said, and there are few colleges who want to see them turned over to the government. SLM has a great balance sheet, the company is still writing loans and the stock could double.

“SLM must be bought here,” Cramer said.

President Obama on Monday announced his plans to speed up his stimulus-plan spending, saying he’d create more than 600,000 jobs. Cramer expects retail to benefit the most, as the new works puts more money in consumers’ pockets. He recommended Kohl’s , J.C. Penney and Target on this trend, as well as Best Buy , Lowe’s and Home Depot .

“People are too bearish on retail in this country,” Cramer said.

Lastly, Cramer has changed his original opinion on Ben Bernanke from being someone who “knew nothing” to the man who “may be…regarded as the person who staved off the second [Great] Depression.”

“He may be the most important Fed chairman that we’ve really basically had,” Cramer said.

Cramer's charitable trust owns Home Depot.

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