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Two Views on What to Buy — and Sell

Paul Hickey, co-founder at Bespoke Investment Group, and Rick Bensignor, head of research at Execution LLC, shared with investors which stocks to buy and sell.

Hickey Recommends:

- Sybase

He notes that Apple , Research in Motion and Palm are all competing to see which company produces the best smart phones.

But no matter who wins, “Sybase is one company that benefits from all the competition,” Hickey told CNBC.

Why? Hickey said Sybase offers solutions to help workers access corporate networks in a secure way from anywhere where they can get Internet connection.

- United States Natural Gas Fund

“Energy has been going very high,” he said. “The ratio of oil to natural gas right now has reached levels that are very rare—and when that’s happened in the past, natural gas has always outperformed oil in that situation.”

Bensignor's Strategy:

Priceline —“Take some stock off the line on Priceline,” said Bensignor.

He said that according to the “golden mean,” or the Fibonacci number, Priceline’s stocks have reached its peak and will most likely decline.


No immediate information was available for Bensignor or Hickey.