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Readers Are Boar-ing


More possible nominees for our Name That Boar contest, honoring the prize-winning boar from last week's World Pork Expo. By the way, I found out the boar's real name, and I will reveal it after the contest. Monday I will pick finalists and put them up to a vote.

Photo by: Steven R. Mapes

Tim Archer: "Pokey Pig"

Tom Chechatka: either "The Sperminator", "Four-on-the-Floor Hot Rod", OR "SWINE FLUTE"

Dr. Warren Theis: "Sir Wellington Gonads"

Pamela Ruckelshausen: "Big Guy"

Kyle Kunde: "Small Cap Growth" or "Ga-Ge-Ga---Ga-Ga-Wawawa"

Joy Knutson: "Boarat"

Ryan Cubacha: "Bones"

John Decker: "Porkulus"

Mark Hixson: "Ham N AIG"

Ben Milo: "CNBC" ("Short for CanadiaN BaCon.")

Most complex, layered suggestion comes from Tanya Chakraborty: Speidi Plopperswine ("Spidey - Homer's pig in the Simpsons movie; Speidi - couple name for Heidi and Spencer Pratt; Harry Plopper - the other name Homer gave his pig in the movie; swine - because this boar is a swine")

Bob Gilbertson: "Stud Porker"

Kevin Bliss: "Nuggets" ("market term for 15yr Freddie Mac Gold Passthrough program")

Alan Bridges: "Congressional Bill" ("What else is full of pork? $60K is a bargain.")

Bertrama: "Sir Launchalot"

Jeffrey DeWitt: "Ball Hog"

Bruce Edwards: "Dinner!!!"

Bill Fenner Jr.: "Gifted"

Mary Enslow: "Hamsome"

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