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Market Tips: Gold Heading Down, but Silver on the Rise

Global stocks began the week lower Monday as the dollar strengthened pushing oil prices and other commodity stocks down. Experts tell CNBC safe-haven gold is in a downtrend, but silver still has upward potential.

Gold is in a Downward Trend

Silver has got a little bit more upside but gold is in a downward trend at the moment, believes Peter McGuire, MD of Commodity Warrants Australia.

Equity Markets May Lock in More Gains

Hans Goetti, CIO at LGT Bank in Liechtenstein sees equity markets going higher given the massive fiscal and monetary stimulus pumped into the financial system the world over.

Indian Stocks Seen Rallying in Jul-Aug

It is unlikely that there will be a big correction in the Indian markets. In fact, Aadil Ebrahim, director at Bazargate Consultants is expecting another leg up around July and August.

Dollar Direction Based on Investor Attitudes

Investor attitudes will dictate dollar direction, says John Noonan, senior fx analyst at Thomson Reuters.

Strong Dollar Trend to Continue

Expect the strong dollar trend to continue in the short term, says Sebastien Barbe, senior economist at Calyon Corporate & Investment Bank.

Stock Pullback Coming

"There's every reason to believe there will be some sort of pullback," Michael Yoshikami, president & CIO of YCMNET Advisors, told CNBC when discussing the stock market. Yoshikami does not think stocks will return to this year’s lows.