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CEO's Should Show Their Face At US Open


The witch hunt surrounding sports marketing, and golf tournaments in particular, has certainly calmed down over the last couple months.

But whether any of the big dogs will feel comfortable enough to make their way out to Bethpage this week is still up in the air.

The prevailing thought is that any company that has one of the 50 US Open tents -- down from the 77 that were here in 2002 -- wouldn't bother to show up for fear of getting slammed by the media.

But all this won't come to an end until the CEO's themselves do something about it.

Here's what I would do if I were advising these guys. If you truly believe that sports marketing works, show up, invite the media into your tent and show them how you are doing business and how you are getting your return on investment.

That's it.

Something like that says to the media and all those wondering, "We're not hiding anything. What we're doing is totally rational and good for business."

Will something like this happen? I don't think so. But it should be done. Once you let people in the door, they don't have to wonder anymore.

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