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Cities With The Worst Road Rage

Think you have a tough commute? As it turns out, a normal rush-hour routine in most cities pales in comparison to some of the metro areas identified in this year’s Driver’s Seat Road Rage Survey recently released by AutoVantage.

The group surveyed rush hour drivers in 25 major metropolitan areas and determined cities that were the “least courteous.” In other words, the cities with the worst cases of road rage.

The group looked at the commonplace of “Angry Drivers” – including drivers who overreact and lose their tempers – and “Aggressive Driving” – which includes cutting into lanes, tailgating, speeding and honking. The survey also took into account things that cause other drivers stress - and thus will be more likely to experience road rage - such as talking on a cell phone and multi-tasking.

Which cities have the worst road rage? Click ahead to find out!

By Paul Toscano
Posted 17 June 2009

Photo: AP