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Market Tips: Dollar and Cash Back in Fashion

Global stocks were down Wednesday. Despite this the dollar fell against the euro and the yen, but experts told CNBC the greenback is still seen as a safe haven from falling stocks. They also said that holding cash is the right thing to do during the stock market correction.

Dollar Still a Safe Haven

Greg Gibbs, senior currency strategist at RBS says the Aussie is likely to soften and the dollar to perform better if equities continue to pull back and risk appetite wanes.

Dollar to See Strength

The dollar will see a period of strength, says Rhonda Staskow, senior currency analyst at Action Economics.

Cash is Best

Graeme Maxton, chief economist at The Insight Bureau, says the best option for investors now is to hold cash, especially in the currency that one uses.

The Virtues of Managed Futures

Managed futures is one investment class that has not suffered the falls seen in equity markets. Matthias Gaertner, managing director at SuperAlphaFund, and Sulieman Ravell, founder at Funds Focus, discusses the benefits.

To Invest or Keep to the Sidelines?

Should investors be positioning themselves for a recovery, or should they stay on the sidelines? Peter Elston, chief strategist at Aberdeen Asset Management Asia shares his views.

Markets to Trend Downward

Markets are headed for a correction in the coming months as fundamentals remain weak in the advanced economies, says Graeme Maxton, chief economist, Asia at The Insight Bureau.

A Financial Gamble?

The financial space is like a poker table because you don't know who is going to come out on top, says Jeff Fischer, senior analyst at The Motley Fool. He speaks to CNBC about his caution on U.S. banks.

US Autos Face Difficulties, Regardless of Aid

The U.S. auto industry will face a very difficult future, despite government aid, says Graeme Maxton, chief economist at The Insight Bureau.

Oil Investments

A pull back in oil may be a good opportunity to buy, says John Licata, chief investment strategist at Blue Phoenix.