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Stock Picks: Oil Services & Electric Companies


Jim Iuorio, director at TJM Institutional Services, and Mike Khouw, director at Cantor Fitzgerald, weighed in on the best places to invest now.


Making 'Street Sense'

Khouw Likes:

Oil Services Sector—“We’ve seen a huge rally off the lows despite the fact that crude has been flat over the last 5 trading days,” Khouw told CNBC.

Khouw said he especially likes Schlumberger

“[The company has] some exposure in the Middle East [and is] globally diversified in terms of their revenues.”

Iuorio Likes:

American Electric —“They transmit, generate, and store electricity,” said Iuorio. “They use domestic coal and have invested a ton in clean coal technologies. They’ve invested a ton in 765-kV—transmission superhighway that transmits the wind power from the Dakota wind fields.”


No immediate information was available from Khouw or Iuorio.


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