By the Numbers

Market Cap Rankings Shift Again


At the March 9 bottom, the banks were falling fast and behemoths like Google were at risk of falling out of the Top 20 biggest companies in the S&P 500 .  Three months later, that has changed significantly.

As of mid day today, Google and JP Morgan Chase are back in top 10 positions, ranking ninth and tenth on the S&P 500 respectively, with General Electric and Apple right behind vying for a spot. 

Exxon Mobil , Microsoft , and Wal-Mart , continue to hold the top three slots, although Microsoft leap frogged Wal-Mart in the current rally.  Overall, many names in the Top 20 remain the same with three exceptions.  In addition to JP Morgan, Wells Fargo and Hewlett Packard moved up into the top twenty, while Abbott Labs , Pepsico , and Philip Morris moved down. 

Here are the Top 20 biggest companies in the S&P as of mid day today, according to data from Thomson Reuters: