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Prez Kills Fly, But Story Won't Die


And you thought PETA sending President Obama a Katcha Bug Humane Bug Catcherwas the end of the Presidential Fly Flap.

The most hilarious twist yet in the uproar over the President's quick dispatch of a fly to fly heaven is an interview with...the fly's widow.

Her "interview" was posted on the website of Iowahawk, the same prankster behind the video we recently posted of the new 2012 Pelosi GTxi SS/RT Sport Edition! 

This time the blogger breaks the story of "Mrs. Vivian Vvzzvzwwzzz", the 17-day-old widow of "the murdered housefly", who is filing a wrongful death suit against the President in federal district court.

"'Bob was a wonderful husband and provider," Iowahawk reports Mrs. Vvzzvzwwzzz saying. "Even though he was always busy at the Rose Garden turd pile, he always flew home in time to tuck in our maggots."

She says she was watching CNBC's John Harwood interview the Presidentthis week when she saw her husband come on screen. "I was pretty excited. He started waving at me, and then all of a sudden, SLAP! My whole world, my life, laid smashed across the back of Obama's left hand. And with 360 degree peripheral vision and hundreds of eye facets, it was impossible to look away."

Mrs. Vvzzvzwwzzz is seeking a formal apology and compensatory damages, which, in a fly's case, isn't money. Read the full interview to find out what qualifies as "damages".

PETA, in real life, has chastised the President for killing the fly. But on Iowahawk, the animal rights group is reportedly joining forces with the widow and filing an amicus brief. Iowahawk also reached a legal expert who weighed in on constitutional questions raised by the lawsuit, including, "just how completely bats*** PETA is".

Finally, Mrs. Vvzzvzwwzzz is willing to pursue her case all the way to the Supreme Court. "He (Obama) has no idea how persistent and annoying I can be. I'm in this for the long haul. All the way till July, if I'm still alive."

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