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SiriusXM Gets Serious iPhone Downloads


All this talk this week about the coming iPhone 3GS and lost in the noise was a major development for SiriusXM Radio, and something users have been clamoring for.

SiriusXM joined the hugely successful Apple App Store, and who knows, maybe the ecosystem that has been such an enormous cash creator for so many entrepreneurs will have the same affect for SiriusXM.

Heaven knows the stock can use it.

I'm told yesterday the download response has been giant.

It is the number 1 free music app download right now on iTunes and the number 2 most downloaded free app overall and climbing.

That puts it on pace for one of, if not the fastest downloaded app ever.

It's even approaching the record pace set by the net phone-calling service Skype, owned by eBay but going public on its own next year, of 1 million downloads in two days.

So, amid iPhone sales, and Research in Motion earnings, and Palm momentum, here's a not-so-little tidbit of news that's certainly worth a mention.

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