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Why 'Monday' US Open Ticket Is Best Value

U.S. Open 2009

Fans who had tickets to today's US Open got the worst value for their money. But the best value for the money might still be the "Monday" ticket.

When you buy a book of tickets for the US Open, the last ticket is the Monday playoff ticket. The face value is $100, but because so many people aren't expecting to go to a playoff, tickets flood the secondary market.

The demand usually isn't high because many people don't even know this ticket exists.

The result? If the US Open goes to a playoff, as it did last year, this could be the best ticket in all of sports.

"Many people saw Tiger Woods and Rocco Mediate's legendary playoff at Torrey Pines last year for under $10," said StubHub spokesman Sean Pate.

Pate said the site has sold more than 300 of these tickets this year and they only average $9 each.

US Open tickets are for the day, not the round. So today's ticket is not good for tomorrow, even though play was suspended. But Monday's tickets are not typically good for Monday if it turns out to be the fourth round instead of the playoff.

"Given the amount of rain we are having today, we will provide further clarification regarding Monday tickets within 24 hours" the USGA's Rand Jerris told me.

Pate says there's virtually no risk.

If buying Monday's playoff becomes a playoff on Tuesday because of the rain, all you need is a different day off.

If there is no playoff, there is nothing to lose because the tickets are refundable. Pate says you get back what you paid on StubHub, not the $100 face.

Update: The Monday ticket, as I previously referenced, is likely now a Tuesday ticket since the USGA said that those who had tickets on Thursday will be able to attend if play extends to Monday. With the weather as bad as it has been, there's a likely possibility that if a playoff is played it will be on Tuesday.

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