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Bookmaker: Glover Win Big For Books

Lucas Glover

Lucas Glover winning the US Openwas a good thing for anyone taking action on the tournament.

Rob Dastidar, senior bookmaker for, says there was almost no money on Glover, Ricky Barnes or David Duval.

Barnes and Duval finished tied for second place with Phil Mickelson.

“I can’t remember the last time over the last ten years that we’ve had so little money bet on the guys that finished on top,” Dastidar said.

Glover began the tournament at odds of 175-to-1. But Dastidar said even those odds only enticed a few bettors, all of whom bet less than $10. Little action was also seen on Duval, at 200-to-1, and Barnes, who opened at 1,000-to-1 to win it all.

“We also made money on all the prop bets,” Dastidar said. “Most of those had to do with Phil and Tiger winning.”

Dastidar said the odds of a top three involving Glover, Barnes and Duval would have come in at something like 10 million-to-1.

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