Two-Way Street

Hating the U.S. Open's Traffic Effect

I hate the U.S. Open. For that matter, the Masters too. And I hate Wimbledon.

I don't hate baseball and football uber-games so much. They usually happen at night or on weekends. The golf and tennis events though, ouch. They hurt traffic to the Web site.

The numbers usually bear it out. Whenever there's a big daytime sports event, traffic numbers get soft. Not just us, mind you, but to other business news sites too. Golf is particularly damaging, since it reels in the same demographic crowd as business news.

Easy to understand, right? You're at work, a little bored so you surf. Are you more interested in seeing if Ricky Barnes can win it all ... or if the VIX is continuing to rise?

Silly question, I know. Darren Rovell has even more story lines out of the open that trump typical business news.

Oh well. When the tournament is over, we'll still be here for you.