Taste of London Food Festival 2009

London Welcomes Gourmet Food Festival

Photo by Sharon Lorimer

The UK's capital welcomed the 6th annual Taste of London gourmet food festival in Regents Park from June 18 to 21. Taste is a platform for cost-conscious consumers to get a chance to taste the wares of Michelin-starred chefs for a fraction of the price.

Taste Turns Thai

Photo by Sharon Lorimer

This year Taste of London turned Thai with a section of the show dedicated to the famous savory Thai cuisines and enchanting culture.

Al-Fresco Wining & Dining in the Summertime

Photo by Sharon Lorimer

One of the quirkiest sites at this year's Taste, taking advantage of the summer atmosphere, was an outdoor pub, where customers could drink their British ales on comfortable couches while feeling the grass beneath their feet.

Public Gets to Interact with Celebrity Chefs

Photo by Sharon Lorimer

Celebrity, Michelin-starred chefs like Alain Ducasse hobnob with foodies at the festival. Taste is a great opportunity to interact with clients as well as cook outdoors, Cinnamon Kitchen executive chef and owner Vivek Singh told

Whetting the Appetite

Photo by Sharon Lorimer

At Taste 40 of London's top restaurants offer people the opportunity to sample some of their food in the form of a 3-course 'tasting' menu. From classic British to fine French, the excellence of the City's best chefs knows no bounds.

Opulence & Decadence Prevails Despite Crunch

Photo by Sharon Lorimer

Despite the recession, expensive delicacies like black truffles were on sale at the festival. Foie gras, lobster, scallops and wagyu beef were just some of the pricy items on offer on chefs' menus. "People may forgo luxuries, but food is not one of them," Tessa Willmott from Taste of London said.

Not for Peta Supporters

Photo by Sharon Lorimer

Foie gras – the goose liver pate abhorred by animal rights activists - was entered on at least 6 different menus. L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon served a foie gras burger with a   peppercorn verjutes.

Excellence Bottled

Photo by Sharon Lorimer

Among wine, beer and other spirit tastings, consumers could sample high quality Balsamic vinegars like those from Fondo Montebello. Champagne tastings and cocktail demonstrations take place at the event.

Sweet Deals for One & All

For the sweet-toothed, food stalls include bakeries and patisseries. Cupcakes, organic home-made chocolates and fudge are just some of the delicacies on sale and the perfect way to end your feasting day.