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How to Make Money in a Sideways Market


Dan Genter, president, CEO and CIO of RNC Genter Capital Management, and Peter Boockvar, equity strategist of Miller Tabak shared their tips on making money in a sideways market.

“It’s an opportunity to allow people who missed the train in March to get into the market,” Genter told CNBC.

Genter said earnings are going to surprise investors to the upside.

Making Money in a Sideways Market

“The key is earnings,” Genter told CNBC. “Earnings is going to be the overriding story here and we see an overall improvement.”

In the meantime, Boockvar said the remaining issues in banks is concerning.

“The U.S. consumer is going through a deleveraging process that is going to take years [to recovery] so not only are banks dealing with rising credit losses related to that, they’re also dealing with continued declines in their residential portfolios and specifically commercial real estate,” said Boockvar.

Boockvar said banks are trading opportunities and not investments both in the short and long-term.

Genter and Boockvar said investors should consider the following sectors and companies for their portfolios.


Genter Likes:





Texas Instruments

Taiwan Semiconductor

Untied Parcel Services


Boockvar Likes:

RJ CRB Index

MSCI Emerging Markets

Boockvar Dislikes:

S&P Consumer Discretionary

S&P Financial

S&P Retail


No immediate information was available for Boockvar or Genter.