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“Profitwood”: Dodgers Likely Made Money From Manny Loss

Manny Ramirez

When Manny Ramirez was suspended for 50 games on May 7, many had speculated that the Los Angeles Dodgers had plenty to lose. Attendance would surely decrease and food and beverage sales would follow.

But as Ramirez gets ready to return - it can come as soon as July 3 – there’s a pleasant financial vibe coming from Chavez Ravine. The Dodgers have more than likely made money since Ramirez departed.

Before Ramirez’ suspension, the Dodgers were averaging 42,815 fans per game. Since then the Dodgers are averaging 54 more fans per game as compared to when Ramirez was in the lineup.

Take away the $7.7 million that the Dodgers haven’t had to pay Manny and it would be hard to understand how the team didn’t come out financially on top from the suspension.

They even gained ground in the standings. The day Ramirez was suspended, the Dodgers had a 6 ½ game lead on the San Francisco Giants. Today, they have an 8 ½ game lead on the Giants.

The Dodgers have six home games before Ramirez is eligible to return. There will not be a game at Dodger Stadium with Ramirez in the lineup before the All-Star break.

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