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Megan Fox Alert: 'Rose Boy' Found in England


All it takes is money.

As I blogged yesterday, Eastman Kodak put up a $5,000 reward to identify the young man attempting to give starlet Megan Fox a yellow rose at a London movie premiere, only to be unintentionally snubbed during the rush of paparazzi. Kodak promised to fly the teenager and his family to the U.S. and even buy him a rose to give to Fox.

The boy has been found. He's identified by as Harvii, an 11-year-old from England. Sources tell me he's on a transatlantic flight to New York as I write this, and a reunion is in the works.

Two people stepped forward to identify him to Kodak, and their names will soon be announced. I'm also told that a lot of this was done without Fox herself completely in the loop, but she's being a good sport and wants to erase any hard feelings.

When might we expect Harvii to hand Fox a new rose? The actress is on "The Today Show" tomorrow. Keep an eye out. This might be the Kodak moment.

Megan Fox and Rose Boy
Will Alexander/WENN

This may be the public relations move of the week (month?), as Kodak inserted itself into a story it had nothing to do with, and made it huge.

Costs versus benefits:

Roundtrip airfare to fly kid and parents from London to NYC on short notice: $6,000

Two nights in nice Manhattan hotel: $1,800

Rose: $10

Publicity: priceless

UPDATE:Megan Fox's appearance on "Today" was postponed due to the Michael Jackson coverage, and "Rose Boy" was not able to deliver his flower. I am told he will remain in the New York area for the next couple of days, though a rendevouz with Fox has not been firmed up yet. Stay tuned...

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