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NBA Draft: By The Numbers

Below you'll find a list of the lottery picks from last night's NBA Draft, the team they went to, their slotted three-year contract and their agent.

As you can see, while these guys are making a lot of money, the slotted contracts make it hard to pull in NFL Draft type of money.

The first pick in this year's NFL Draft, Matthew Stafford, will make $25 million more than Blake Griffin in guaranteed money. Even this year's fifth pick, Mark Sanchez, will make $12 million more than Griffin.

A couple other notes here. A lot of people were talking last night about how it would have been better financially if Stephen Curry went to the Knicks at No. 8. Not true. I was told that going to the Knicks was worth about $150,000 more a year to Curry's shoe contract. So he makes $300,000 more over a three-year period by going to Golden State.

This list also is a good note of caution to everyone who wants to become a sports agent. Let's assume, since there's really no negotiation here thanks to the Collective Bargaining Agreement, that all these agents are getting a three percent cut. That means the commission off Blake Griffin is less than $500,000. Factor in the costs of recruiting and maintaining the relationship as well as the fact that the marketing dollars aren't really there for anyone this year, and some of the agents below actually might be losing money on the deals they struck with these players. And consider that those are the agents who really hit it big last night.

Finally, I think it's a safe bet that North Carolina made more off Tyler Hansbrough than he'll make with the Pacers over the next three years.

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