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Value Plays For the Rest of 2009: Strategists


Worried you missed the latest run-up and now stocks are trading sideways? Don't fear—you can still get in the game. Donald Yacktman, president of Yacktman Asset Management, and Kent Croft, CIO of the Croft Value Fund, share their value plays for the second half of the year.

Value Plays for the Second Half of '09

“There are still opportunities to find some companies that have very good prospects that are still selling at very reasonable valuations,” Croft told CNBC.

Croft said he is “cautiously optimistic” and the second quarter will be tough on earnings. But he said things are looking better now than they did three months ago.

“Companies generally have decent balance sheets and there are a lot of improvements,” he said. “So we feel better about going forth.”

Yacktman said he is a “bottom-up investor.”

“Our process is to find a good price and then get as much of a good business and a good management as we can. We’re bottom-up investors,” he said.

Croft Likes:

General Cable—“A beneficiary of the build out and improvement of the electrical grid.”

Valmont Industries—“They make transmission towers for the electric grid.”

Cisco Systems

SW Energy

Yacktman Likes:








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