Funny Business with Jane Wells

Hunting Pirates? Maybe Not


Last week I blogged about a story in the Austrian newspaper Wirtschaftsblatt about Russian tours arming people to hunt down piratesoff the coast of Somalia.

It seemed insane. It is insane. And it may not be true.

In my blog, I reported that I'd actually read the story through a translation provided on A reader pointed out that Ananova did not translate the final line of the Austrian report, which indicated the story is a hoax.

I went back to the original article in Wirtschaftsblatt, and, at the bottom, there is an English translation. There is a final line which was not in the Ananova article. It says, "Comment of the editors: Goldman Morgenstern & Partners tells us, that 'they believe', this story is 'satire'."

Wirtschaftsblatt (I still can't get over the name of the newspaper, say that three times quickly), has a follow up article: Um, I don't read German, and my attempts to run it through free translation websites were woefully comical. If anyone knows German, give it a shot!

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