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Trade In America: Caterpillar


America’s taken a few knocks recently, from a once proud auto-industry now stuck in a ditch to China and others taking pot shots at the dollar.

But don’t start feeling too sorry for Uncle Sam.

As the nation’s birthday approaches, Fast Money’s here to say that Trade in America’s still working, and isn’t stopping anytime soon.

From heavy industrial goods to high end chemicals America’s still number one. And one of the companies still pulling the load is…. Caterpillar.

Despite getting knocked around a by a shrunken U.S. economy, the world’s largest maker of earth-moving equipment and bulldozers is still experiencing growth from China to India.


“Caterpillar is clearly playing on the infrastructure buildout not just in China and India, but also in the Middle East and Russia,” explains Tim Seymour. They’re growing internationally and at current valuations the stock isn’t expensive. I think the long term growth story is fantastic.

“I’d get in a little lower,” counsels Guy Adami. “Somewhere around $32.”

So as we get set for fireworks, hot dogs and apple pie – the Fast Money desk thinks Caterpillar may be among the best ways to trade in America.

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