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Strategist: 'You'd Better Own Some Gold'

Stock markets are set to log their best quarter in 10 years. Should investors pour their money into equities?

Surviving & Thriving in '09

David Tice, market strategist at Federated Investors, offered CNBC his insights.

Tice does not believe markets have turned a corner, but are merely seeing a rally in a bear market.

"Fewer companies are experiencing declines, but not really more companies are experiencing increases," he said.

Things aren't really getting better, but only "less worse," said Tice.

His advice to investors:

"Think about being short stocks, or owning puts." He added that "gold stocks represent a great place to be."

(See below for sampling of top gold stocks.)

Tice had some sobering words about Ben Bernanke's leadership of the Federal Reserve:

"Any country where the central bank head is called 'Helicopter Ben,' you better own some gold," Tice said.

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Disclosure information was not available for Tice or his company.