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Best Selling Fourth of July Fireworks

Fireworks are as much a part of Fourth of July celebrations as a backyard barbecue or a local parade, but it’s also big business.

The fireworks industry has more than doubled — both in usage and revenues in the past several years — thanks in part to relaxed laws in many states and changes in federal guidelines, with fireworks now legal in 45 American states.

The American Pyrotechnics Association (APA), the industry’s trade association, expects revenues to reach an all-time high of $960 million in 2009, 85-90% of which results from Fourth of July sales. “Fourth of July is the bread, butter, meat and potatoes of the industry,” says Julie Heckman, director of the APA.

So what are the best selling fireworks in America? Phantom Fireworks, the nation’s largest retailer of consumer “backyard” fireworks has provided CNBC insight into the fireworks which are currently their best-selling items. Click ahead to see the company’s best sellers!

By Paul Toscano
Posted 1 July 2009

Photo: Oliver Quillia