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Amy Zelvin

June 30, 2009, Englewood Cliffs, NJ – On the heels of President Obama’s proposed financial regulatory reform and the day after Bernie Madoff’s sentencing, offers a comprehensive look at the economic collapse that has gripped the world over the past two years. “Boom, Bust & Blame” is complete with 300 minutes of both new and historical video; rich editorial content and newly created extensive stocks and graphs all chronicling the drama, pressure and most memorable moments of this complex story whose incredible economic, political and social ramifications will be felt for years to come.

“Boom, Bust & Blame” provides our users with a one-of-a-kind, holistic view of the financial crisis which has been unprecedented in scope,” said Allen Wastler, Managing Editor, “Leveraging the global assets of CNBC and filled with new analysis and commentary from the network’s preeminent business journalists, ‘Boom, Bust & Blame’ provides a fresh perspective on the collapse and offers important insights on the lessons learned and what all investors should know for the future. ”

With origins of the crisis being traced back to the federal government’s response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks, “Boom, Bust & Blame’s” ten chronological sections start with former Fed chairman Alan Greenspan, including never before seen video of his interview with veteran business journalist David Faber, and details the makings of the collapse.  The series continues with deep look at the “The Great Housing Boom,”“Banks Go Into Panic Mode,” and goes all the way through the recent “Government Action.”

In addition, “Boom, Bust & Blame” features close to 15 new interviews with CNBC’s team of global financial journalists, sharing their unique knowledge and wisdom as well as their candid comments about the crisis. Insight and opinions not seen or heard before on how such a crisis can be prevented from happening again. Also, for the first time, the entire, critically acclaimed, two-hour CNBC original documentary, House of Cards, in which award-winning correspondent Faber investigates the origins of the global economic collapse, will be available on the site.

The special report also includes, “Crisis A to Z,” an in-depth wiki to help users understand the individuals, the words and phrases, the businesses, and the institutions that all played a role in “Boom, Bust & Blame.” Complete with everything from Ben Bernanke to Sheila Bair to credit default swaps to collateralized debt obligations.

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