Pharmas Market with Mike Huckman

Fireworks At Pharma's Market


Since we're headed into a long summer holiday weekend, I'm gonna keep things light. Besides, at the moment, I'm on cloud nine.

No, I didn't get some big get — i.e. my long sought-after TV interview with the former CEO of Genentech, Art Levinson. And I have no major scoop. Okay, so it clearly doesn't take much to make me happy and I've got it bad for USC, but here's the dealio. And, yes, I'm feeling so giddy that I just wrote "dealio"... twice!

Mike's Desk

Earlier this afternoon, one of the people I follow on Twitter, the amazing football coach at my alma mater, Pete Carroll, retweeted me.

If you're not on Twitter, that means he passed along one of my messages or tweets to my followers (of which I only have around 3,000) onto his followers (of which he has nearly 10 times as many.)

He's a prolific Twitterer who commands a loyal following not just because of his football-coaching prowess and rockstar status in SoCal, but also for the philanthropic work he's doing in my hometown of Los Angeles.

And I'm not kissing up! Although, truth be told, sure I'd love access. Or, at least, the opportunity to buy some really good tickets, watch a closed practice, get a meet and greet, etc.

I mean, I know I'm no Will Ferrell or Snoop, who are often spotted on the sidelines at SC games, and I certainly can't afford to create a football position endowment, so I've gotta work whatever angle I've got.

And today that angle is on Twitter. You see, this morning Coach tweeted that he was doing a radio interview at LA's KJLH. Well, that's one of my dad's favorite stations. I grew up helping him pencil in the walls on clients' plans for an addition or a new home at his drafting office with KJLH usually playing in the background. I can still hear the soft-voiced, smooth-talking DJ saying, "KJLH. Kindness, Joy, Love and Happiness."

So, I retweeted Coach (yeah, with a capital C) by adding what KJLH stands for, along with the word, "Seriously" for emphasis. Well, apparently Coach got a kick out of it or something and retweeted it. When I saw the retweet — and my coworkers will vouch for this — I did a touchdown dance in the office. I told ya I've got it bad.

Coach doesn't follow many people/organizations on Twitter. Among them, though, is the Trojan Marching Band. I played trumpet for the TMB from 1979-83.

Of course, it'd be totally cool — not to mention a tremendous ego boost — if he'd follow me, but I don't think he's much interested in all my drug-related tweets.

I've heard through the grapevine that he watches "Fast Money," but I don't know whether he really does. He and Pete Najarian apparently go way back and may have crossed paths somewhere in the NFL. Like I said, gotta work every angle. Football season's around the corner. Can't wait!

Happy 4th! And Fight On!

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