Two-Way Street

Signs of Internet Traffic and the Economy


I have a feeling will be a soft traffic day for us. The Michael Jackson memorial will likely become a cyber black hole with a gravitational pull that will suck in all Internet traffic.

It will be much like the U.S. Open effect for us, except you wouldn't think CNBC readers would be Jackson fans. But then again, most of our audience are part of the Baby Boom generation and his music, at least the early stuff, was a big part of growing up.

Another soft traffic indicator? The highways in New Jersey this morning were relatively empty. That's an early morning indicator we in the newsroom use to gauge what our traffic will be like for the day. Lots of cars means lots of pageviews. Makes sense really. A good, statistically significant chunk of our traffic originates out of New York.

Of course, there was one section of road, right before the George Washington Bridge, that was severely backed up because of an accident. (And even though CNBC is located in New Jersey, a traffic jam into New York affects our commute too since, as a colleague puts it, no one told New Jersey that a highway doesn't have to go to a bridge or a tunnel).

But the majority of the backed up traffic was trucks. Lots and lots of trucks. A lot of truck traffic can be taken as a good economic sign ... right?