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Market Tips: Hold Some Volatile Stocks

Global stocks rose on Thursday as the first big U.S. earner out the box, Alcoa posted a smaller-than-expected second-quarter loss, leading basic resource stocks soaring. Experts tell CNBC now's the time to hold some high beta stocks.

Hold Some High Beta Stocks

Be positioned in some high beta (high risk, high volatility) stocks, advises Gabriel Yap, senior dealing director at DMG and Partners Securities.

When to Get Back into the Market

Don Luskin, Chief Investment Officer at Trend Macrolytics, is waiting for Ben Bernanke to reassure the markets over deflation before he gets back into riskier assets like commodity stocks.

US Markets Are in a Correction

Don Luskin, Chief Investment Officer at Trend Macrolytics, thinks the U.S. markets are experiencing a correction, but how far will the correction go?

Green Shoots Story Has Run Its Course

Jeffrey Halley, senior manager of forex trading at Saxo Capital says the dollar is finding support as the reality sets in that the global economy will not magically turnaround in the second half.