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Stock Picker: Use Dips to Strengthen Your Portfolio (Pt. 2)


Mike Williams, founder and managing partner at Genesis Asset Management, and Douglas Roberts, chief investment strategist at, shared their market outlooks and investment strategies with investors. (See below for stock recommendations.)

Where to Invest Now

“The aggressive investor has to use dips to be continuing to build their positions for growth,” Williams told CNBC.

“Companies are going to do a lot better than we think and we’re going to have to understand that the world didn’t end—it just changed.”

Williams said investors should act not on the up days, but on the down days instead—because people get afraid so quickly. “100 points down means we’re going down 1,000,” he said.

In the meantime, Roberts said there might be safer ways to play the financials, such as going for the "government trade."

“I’d go for things that are more guaranteed, that you know the government is going to continue to spend money on no matter what,” he said.

Williams Likes:

Bank of NY Mellon

State Street



Urban Outfitters




No immediate information was available for Roberts or Williams.