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Arnold's Garage Sale

California Flag
Photo by: scazon

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will hold a "garage sale" next month to sell off state cars and office supplies to raise money for California.

The Governor has been Tweetingabout the August 28-29 sale, saying he plans to list items on eBay and Craigslist.

He also released this video on Twitter.

In it, Schwarzenegger expresses support for an idea from one Twitter follower who says the Governor could probably raise more money if he autographed some of the items.

Imagine, a stapler autographed by the Terminator!! Actually, I'd pay for that. No lie.

It looks like this videomay have been shot after Gov. Schwarzenegger announced a budget deal Monday night.

Maybe that's why he looks so relieved and relaxed.

Check out the knife he's holding. Subliminal message? Cutting costs?

Why not just sell the whole state?

If privatized, shareholders would refuse to let management have a $26 billion loss.

Unless it was an airline.

Or a carmaker.

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