Funny Business with Jane Wells

The Power Of The Compliment


You are fabulous!

Have you lost weight?

That color is perfect on you.

Ok, I have no idea who you are or what you look like, but don't you feel better? That's the thing about compliments-they're so easy to bestow, they cost nothing, and they have tremendous power. Just like insults.

Brightside Tour

Two Purdue students have decided to turn America's frown upside down.

They've dubbed themselves "The Compliment Guys".

Brett Wescott and Cameron Brown are now touring the country in an RV, standing on street corners, and shouting out compliments to people who walk by.

"You're so pretty!" "I really like your shirt!"

They're chronicling their "Bright Side Tour" online, where they post videos.

Check out the latest one from Alabama, where they say things like "Earrings? Gorgeous!", and "You've got a great mustache!" (unfortunately, some kids were disappointed the two young men didn't have free muffins.)

The Compliment Guys have also taken their cause to Twitter, where they buck up the spirits of followers with tweets like "Hope the weather gets better and your day gets radical!"

Turns out THEIR day just got radical.

The payoff for all of this compliment-giving? Making people happy. Oh, and Kodak is now paying The Compliment Guys an undisclosed amount and sponsoring their tour.

Good job, boys! You are AWESOME!

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