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Arnold Cuts Up About Knife Video

Some people were kind of weirded out by Governor Schwarzenegger's Twitter videowhich I blogged about yesterday, where he begins the video by wordlessly holding a huge knife (a prop from "Predator"?). Gawker wrote, "This is bizarre enough to terrify even the jaded and severely battered citizens of California."

So when the Governor emerged to answer questions about the $26 billion hole he just had to fill, and whether 27,000 prisoners might get released early because of it, perhaps it reveals California's real priorities when the SECOND QUESTION was whether holding a knife was insensitive.

Here's his response, posted, yes, on Twitter.

You have to go in about four minutes and 15 seconds to get to it. "You've got to have a little bit of sense of humor," he tells reporters. "You sent a Governor to Sacramento, not 'El Stiffo', like some of the past ones." Schwarzenegger says he likes to have a bit of fun. "Not that I have fun with the cuts, they sadden me, but fun with the job itself because I think it is the most rewarding job I've ever done." Even though he says the job comes with huge responsibilities, "That doesn't mean that we cannot wave a knife around, or wave a sword around...just relax."

By the way, the Governor may find himself facing "el stiffo" Twitter competition.

Yes, he's mastering the site, but he's a slacker compared to Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. She's tweeted seven times today at last count, 14 times yesterday, and suddenly so busy on Twitter that Doonesbury's Roland Hedleyis offering to be her editor.

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