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GM Puts New Leaders in Place

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Just two weeks after emerging from bankruptcy, GM has re-arranged its leaders and now finds itself with a full set of directors.

Those moves, along with the formation of an executive committee put in place the people who will try to lead GM back to profitability.

It's an interesting list with some strong leaders moving into key roles and a few up and comers promoted to new, more important jobs.

One of the most interesting is the promotion of designer Bryan Nesbitt to general manager of the Cadillac division. Nesbitt ha strong design background, who is highly respected in the industry. But going from being a design leader to managing a brand is big transition. It is certainly not an impossible leap. It does however show how much confidence CEO Fritz Henderson has in giving Nesbitt the keys to run a brand as important as Cadillac.

As for the new directors at GM, the Treasury Department has selected six people with a wide array of business and academic experience. At least one comes from the private equity world and all are "outsiders" compared to the previous board at GM which many considered too insular. Special Report: The Fall of General Motors

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