Pharmas Market with Mike Huckman

Lilly's Side-Effect Slip-Up

I'm betting somebody's blood pressure at Eli Lilly headquarters in Indianapolis today went through the roof.

At 10:45 a.m. ET the company put out a press release announcing that the Food and Drug Administration had approved LLY's drug Forteo for a new use. (I can't provide a link to the release and I'll explain why later.) It wasn't earth-shattering or stock-moving news and we left it alone. In fact, I quickly permanently deleted the one the company sent to me.

That is, until two hours and ten minutes later, when this press release popped into my inbox. Now, they got my attention.

If you'll click on the link you'll see that the company had to send out a boldface correction to the earlier Forteo release. What was their mistake? In the "Important Safety Information" section of the release (y'know, the part that no one reads) it said, "Forteo can cause serious side effects including an increase in blood pressure when you change positions." Alright. Well, according to the reissued press release, apparently Forteo can cause a decrease in blood pressure.


Lilly has taken down the original release containing the error from its website. Someone's blood pressure has probably also come down.

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