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New Wheaties Cereal Sounds Very Familiar

Wheaties box
Wheaties box

Eight months agoI wrote this about a rumored, high-powered Wheaties that was in the planning stages:

The idea behind the cereal, we’re told, is a male-targeted product that would give the brand some more credibility. We all know that while it has been called the “Breakfast of Champions” for 85 years, its ingredients hardly count as fuel in the time of protein bars and vitamin drinks. Sources tell us that the brand has at least talked to a variety of athletes including Peyton Manning, Derek Jeter, Kevin Garnett and gold-medal winning decathlete Bryan Clay.

General Mills spokesman Shelly Dvorak told me at the time that the rumors were "not accurate."

I'm not sure how I would have reacted if I were in PR and a journalist called me nine months before the unveiling of a new cereal and told me that they knew what my company was doing. I probably would have said "no comment" instead of "not accurate." Because it all looks pretty dumb now after Wheaties announced today that it's launching a new version of the cereal that is designed for athletes.

The endorsers include Peyton Manning, Kevin Garnett and Brian Clay.


Now onto the story behind it all. As I said in January, it's a really good idea. This current version of Wheaties is not the "Breakfast of Champions." It's a flake. Readers agreed. More than 70 percent said that the Wheaties endorsement didn't work anymore.

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