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Call Of Shame

Call of Shame

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Here are the nominees:


A corruption and money laundering investigation in...NEW JERSEY! Forty-four people have been arrested and charged with bribery and other charges, including selling human kidneys. Suspects include three mayors and several rabbis. Oy.


As our Darren Rovell has been reporting, the buzz in basketball this week is all about college player Jordan Crawford stuffing a two-handed slam dunk over the head of NBA superstar Lebron James at a clinic James was hosting. Sponsor Nike turned a minor incident into a major one by reportedly confiscating tapes of the incident, as if people seriously thought James was losing his edge. Fortunately, Nike didn't find all the copies.

#3: FOUL!

Speaking of sports and tape, someone secretly videotaped ESPN reporter Erin Andrews inside her hotel room when she wasn't wearing anything. That is shameful enough. But the corporate guys kicked it up a notch. ESPN (owned by Disney ) blasted The New York Post (owned by News Corp. ) for publishing stills from the videotape, banning Post reporters from ever appearing on the sports network again. The Post responded by accusing ESPN of exploiting the story by going public with an admission that it was Andrews on the tape. Everyone (including me right now) exploited the story by continuing to talk about how awful it is that people keep talking about it.


Actor Stephen Baldwin keeps showing up on reality TV shows because he needs the money. This week he filed for bankruptcy, facing more than $2 million in debt. Apparently, none of his brothers can spare a dime.


Musician Dave Carroll says United broke his expensive Taylor guitar on a flight to Nebraska. For months, he tried to get the airline to make things right, only to get the brushoff. Two weeks ago, Carroll posted a song about the experience on YouTube. Nearly four million hits later, United has contacted him and offered compensation. Carroll says give the money to charity instead...just let him know who gets the cash.

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