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Coping With Rising Health Care Costs


Dear Bill:

I’d like to retire in 2010 but I’m really concerned about losing my health and rising medical costs. How can I plan for this?

-Gene, NJ

Answer:  Great question Gene! Like most people I meet with, you sound like someone with a good head on your shoulder’s who isn’t going to make luck and guesswork the foundation of their future financial security. I commend you for that.

Stethescope and money

Listen, it’s no secret that when you retire, you will probably live many more decades. It’s also no secret that there’s a higher likelihood that you’ll probably have a medical issue during your lifetime that will require care. Additionally, I’m confident you understand that the future cost of care is going to be significantly higher than it is today. So, what do you do?

I’d strongly suggest you look into investing in what’s known as a long-term care insurance policy. When you invest in this type of insurance policy you are protecting your family members from the potential physical, emotional and financial toll a health issue can have on them. But the real value of a long-term care policy is the inflation adjusted (normally 5% per year) financial benefit it can provide at some point in the future.

Unfortunately, due to space constraints in my blog I cannot do the topic justice here. I do, however, have a free 29-page report you can download from my website. Go to .

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