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Pros Say: A 'Good Time' to Buy Equities

Stocks slipped Friday as weaker consumer sentiment compounded losses after disappointing earnings from American Express, Amazon and Microsoft. The disappointing earnings and sentiment gave investors reason to pause and take a breather after a significant run-up in the past few weeks, in which the Nasdaq logged 12 straight gains — its longest run since 1992. Read and listen to what the experts had to say...

Markets Can Avoid the Autumn Correction

Autumn tends to be a bad time for markets and usually brings corrections, but this year because expectations are so low, said Alan Miller of Spencer-Churchhill Miller Private. “This doesn’t mean that the problems are all gone or that it isn’t going to be a slow recovery, but in the short term, people are more likely to panic to invest than disinvest,” he said.

A Good Time to Invest in Equities

Now is a really good time to invest in equities, says David Costa, dean at the Robert Kennedy College. “I think we’re pretty much at the end of the tunnel…it’s a good time to jump in,” he said. He suggested sectors such as utilities and pharmaceuticals are good places to invest.

Grain Prices to Pick Up: Commodities Analyst

"There's been a significant market correction in the price of grains in the last month as markets really got ahead of themselves," said David Donora from Threadneedle Asset Management. As the global economy recovers, he sees grains prices rallyingas a result worldwide demand.

The CEO Confidence Indicator

Tobias Levkovich of Citi said one way for people to know when to invest is by following the CEO confidence index. “When CEOs are really excited, you should sell stocks,” he said. Similarly, investors should buy when the confidence is low.

Health Care Headache

Although health care reform is not going to get done before August, finding bipartisanship is the focal pointof the bill, said Jim Nussle, former Office of Management and Budget director of the Nussle Group. “Even if the bill passes, reform of health care is a constant challenge for the country for years to come,” he said.

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